Our story

The Gescova story commenced  nearly 50 years ago in 1977 when Bernard Gesquiére launched his business at the age of 19. Hailing from a typical Belgian flax family, the enterprise began under the name Golden River, paying homage to the river on the Lys, along which the flax industry thrived for years. Fabric and design became the enduring themes of the Gesquière family’s narrative.

1982: The Atelier

Initially focusing on garden cushions, Bernard sourced fabrics from the heart of the European textile industry. His keen eye for detail and quality, supported by his wife Grietje’s discerning judgment, led to early success. Inspired, the duo established their own Atelier where  about 10 seamstresses initially crafted the pillows by hand—an expertise passed down from mother to daughter in the region.

1990: Garden Furniture

Sales and production grew, necessitating a strong brand. The GESCOVA brand emerged, expanding the range from cushions to include garden furniture and parasols. This set the tone for offering compelling commercial and Belgian design through a network of stores across the country.

1995: Belgian Design

As the market evolved, Gescova innovatively responded to changing customer living trends. Customers sought the same comfort outdoors as indoors, transforming the terrace into an extension of the living room. The appreciation for Belgian design combined with new materials worldwide, with teak wood from Indonesia taking a prominent role.

2002: The Family

The new generation, beginning with Frederik and followed by Thomas and Sammy, entered with an ambitious vision. Extensive travels globally provided inspiration to discover the best ideas, make informed material choices, and establish exclusive collaborations with experts and suppliers worldwide. This new generation injected fresh energy while upholding strong traditions.

2008: 20 European Countries

Gescova expanded beyond Belgium, presenting its furniture at international fairs for the first time. Foreign agents were appointed, contributing to Gescova’s growth as an international outdoor brand. The ambition expanded to be active in 20 countries, viewing agents and distributors as integral members of the Gescova family—success achieved through collaborative effort.

2010: Room for Growth

Remaining true to its roots, Gescova acquired the 25,000 m² textile factory Plush at Wevelgem airport. Alongside an innovation center and an experience showroom to further develop its identity, a logistics center was built. Logistics, in addition to design, became a vital pillar in the brand’s expansion, offering optimal accessibility for customers across Europe, distinguishing the brand’s unique strengths. European customers could now sell without maintaining their own stock.

2018: Digital Inspiration

As customer behaviors shifted towards digital inspiration, Gescova embraced the digital realm while acknowledging the importance of tactile experiences. The brand’s online presence on the website and social media aimed to help distributors and agents position the brand effectively. Digital discovery was complemented by the continued development of a European network of showrooms where customers could experience the products firsthand.

2024: Gescova, Belgian Designed Outdoor Happiness

Gescova emerges as a robust brand, leveraging its Belgian textile roots and 50 years of experience to develop unique expertise in creating indoor-like experiences outdoors with high-quality outdoor furniture. Through an international network of customers and selected suppliers, Gescova brings forth a diverse range for the new consumer. The brand is poised to champion and spread outdoor happiness across Europe.